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I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at The University of Southern California. 

From 2020-2023, I was a Research Fellow at the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy at Australian Catholic University. 

I received my DPhil in Philosophy at the University of Oxford in February, 2019. My doctoral thesis (Essays on the Emotions) was supervised by Ofra Magidor,.

In 2015, I completed my Masters in Philosophical Studies at King's College London under the supervision of Bill Brewer and Clayton Littlejohn. Before that, I received my Bachelor's degree (in Philosophy) from Chapman University.

Primary areas of Research

Philosophy of Mind 

In this area, my research focuses on a range of foundational issues within the philosophy of emotion. In my published works, you will find that I have been interested in probing questions about their nature, intentional content, and epistemic roles. 

Philosophy of Disability 

In this area, my research focuses on a variety of important cross-disciplinary issues within the philosophy of disability. I am particularly interested in questions that explore the relation between various models of disability and well-being outcomes.

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